This is What We Do

This is What We Do

Our Expertise

Doctors on Consult (DoC) exist to assist healthcare systems in the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems by providing physician consultants with clinical experience and technical expertise.

Exclusively providing physician consultants who are professional and experienced builds a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Our consultants can train physicians, lead personalization labs, help establish workflow, provide at-the-elbow and command center support during the Go Live, and remote support after the implementation process.

Go Live Activation

While you Focus on Patient Care, we will provide you the most popular service that we offer to Healthcare Systems. This service is our custom Go Live Activation. By requesting this service from us, this is what you can expect:

    - Training & Education
    - Curriculum Design
    - Content Development & Delivery
    - Peer-to-Peer Personalization
    - Dress Rehearsal Design & Facilitation
    - 24/7 Go-Live Support
    - Workflow Assessment & Redesign
    - Targeted Stabilization & Optimization Preparation      



Implementation Strategy & Planning

While you Focus on Medicine, we will do the following Implementation Strategy & Planning Services:

    - Technology Vendor Selection
    - Inpatient & Ambulatory Implementation
    - Planning
    - Meaningful Use Support
    - Evidence-Based Content Development
    - Interim Clinical & Strategic Leadership
    - Clinician Governance Strategy & Implementation Support


Our Optimization services enable your organization to focus on Technology. With this package, Doctors on consult will provide the following to your organization:
- Specialty Workflow & Technology Alignment
- Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
- Clinical Content Management & Redesign
- Clinical, Quality, & Revenue Enhancements
- Clinical Informatics Excellence
- Renewed Clinical Engagement
- EHR Platform Upgrade Support

Remote Support

Our remote services provide continued support remotely for your organization post Go-Live. DoC can provide:

- One on One telephone support
- One on One video support
- Remote access help desk 
- Personalization 
- Additional workflow support

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